Welcome to our Knowledge Manager

ioXpress Knowledge Manager is a web-based enterprise application for corporate electronic information management. Developed by ioMosaic Corporation, ioXpress is designed to help companies effectively manage their information, enable knowledge sharing, and enhance communication.

  • ioXpress serves as a knowledge manager for creation, editing, storage, and retrieval of reusable documents within a corporate environment. All document collections are categorized, centralized, and managed through a secure database platform.
  • ioXpress provides access to discreet data management through customizable form modules. The data records can be linked to documents stored within the system to provide complete integration.
  • ioXpress has other features to provide additional functionality such as discussion forums and task lists.
  • ioXpress links to third-party software that can provide workflow and data transmission capability.

As a web-based .NET application, ioXpress Knowledge Manager allows users to securely share information from any location, and can be deployed via a corporate intranet. It can produce significant returns in the form of cost savings and productivity gains for both small and large multinational organizations. Our brochure for ioXpress contains more information on the capabilities and functionality of the application.

If you have reached this page in error while attempting to access your company's instance of ioXpress, note that the URL is www.ioXpress.com/YOURCOMPANYNAME, where YOURCOMPANYNAME may be an abbreviation of the company name. If you have misplaced the URL, please contact us at support@iomosaic.com and we will be happy to provide assistance.




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